About Us

We inspire and support faculty and students through our lab operations and programs which include Tech Teams, Digital Storytelling, and iLearn Workshops.

Our Mission

The InnovationSpace is a digital multimedia and learning technologies lab.

A part of Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS), we work with faculty to discover emerging technologies for teaching and learning and to facilitate exploration and implementation of new approaches into their curricula. Additionally, we offer multimedia resources to all faculty, students, and Hokie community members as a service of Virginia Tech, engaging over 10,000 students and 900 faculty annually. The goal of the InnovationSpace lab is to provide open access to multimedia equipment and software that is not otherwise accessible to faculty and students.

Components of the InnovationSpace that support our mission:

The 1120 Learning Space

This room is attached to the InnovationSpace and can be used by faculty to test new strategies and technology for teaching and learning. 1120 is a safe and fun place to engage with new pedagogies and tools, and there are people and resources in the InnovationSpace to support these endeavors. This room can also be used for learning space research.

Tech Teams

Tech Teams represents a mini grant opportunity to perform rapid research and discovery of new strategies and technology tools for teaching and learning.

Equipment Checkout

The InnovationSpace has over 200 pieces of equipment for engaging in multimedia and mobile learning projects.

Digital Multimedia Lab

The InnovationSpace lab and audio bays provide editing and production tools.


The InnovationSpace is staffed with student lab assistants to answer just-in-time questions regarding all of our equipment and lab software, and the full time faculty are on-hand to consult on innovative teaching strategies and technologies for teaching and learning. If your questions are more suited to another unit in TLOS, we will put you in touch with the right person, and make sure that your questions are answered.


Novel solutions to important problems.

InnovationSpace aims to inspire faculty and support the exploration of novel solutions to important challenges for teaching and learning. The notion of innovation can represent a broad range. InnovationSpace is particularly focused on innovative approaches to pedagogical strategies, technology tools, and learning spaces with the purpose of enhancing teaching and positively impacting student learning.

Looking to Partner with the InnovationSpace?

We are always looking for ways that we can help improve teaching and learning outcomes through technology. If you have a new idea, or would like some assistance in implementing technology in your classroom, please feel free to contact us.