The InnovationSpace has various policies governing the checkout of equipment and usage of the lab. Please make yourself familiar with these policies before using lab equipment.

Usage and Access

Lab Usage

The InnovationSpace lab and audio bays are available for use to the general public. They are available during our operating hours. We do sometimes allow faculty to access the lab earlier or later on a limited basis as part of our programs or partnerships. All patrons must present a hokie passport or state identification, which we will hold at the front desk while you are in the lab. The lab is intended for academic uses due to limitations in software licenses.

Equipment Checkout

Equipment checkout is available only to Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students. You must have a hokie passport in order to checkout equipment.

Virginia Tech Policies

Equipment is loaned in accordance with University Policy 3950 http://www.policies.vt.edu/3950.pdf and at our discretion. There is no provision in university policy that says we are required to loan equipment to anyone for any reason.

Equipment Checkout Policies

Please make sure you are familar with the equipment checkout policies before checking out equipment from the InnovationSpace.


You are responsible for all equipment that you checkout from the InnovationSpace. Please make sure that you thoroughly insepct equipment on checkout before signing off on equipment conditions on our checkout forms. You will be charged for any damages or loss of equipment while in your possession.


All equipment must be returned before 5:00pm on the day it is due. Failure to return the equipment before 5:00pm on the due date will result in a late fee being assessed to your HokieSPA account. The amount of the fine varies from $10 to $15 dollars per day depending on the equipment. Each piece of equipment you have checked out will be assessed it's own late fees.


During the Fall and Spring semesters, the checkout period for all equipment is 3 business days. The only exception is iPad rentals which are for one week. During the Summer sessions, the rental period for all equipment is one week.


There is a one day wait period before you can checkout the same type of equipment again. This policy is in place in order to ensure fair acceess to our patrons. If you return a video camera on Monday, you will have to wait until Tuesday in order to checkout another video camera. However, you are allowed to checkout other types of equipment. Another faculty, staff, or student may also checkout the equipment into their name when you return it, if you are working with a partner.


All parts of any equipment checked out, must be included when you return the equipment. We do not accept partial returns of equipment kits. If a return is made without all parts in the equipment kit, then the equipment is considered lost and a replacement fee will be assessed. The student lab staff keeps a list of replacement parts and their cost at our checkout desk.


We do have an appeal process that we use at our discretion. If you feel like you have been wrongly assessed a fee, or their are extenuating circumstances which caused you to lose equipment or return the equipment late, you can contact us to appeal in writing by email at innovationspace@vt.edu. Again, we waive late, lost, and broken equipment fee charges at our discretion, so please make sure all equipment is in good condition when you check it out and is returned in the same fashion.


Please note that some of our policies are different in regards to reservation-only equipment that we offer.


All of our reservation equipment requires a certification class that is offered through our iLearn Workshops program during the Fall and Spring semesters. You must have taken these classes before you will be allowed to checkout any of our reservation equipment. Our Advanced Video Training class covers our video cameras, lighting, and audio kits, while our DSLR course covers only our DSLR cameras. The classes are necessary for liability purposes and to make sure that all patrons who use the equipment know how to properly operate and care for the equipment.


All equipment designated as "reservation equipment" must be reserved at least one week (7 days) in advance. The InnovationSpace does not guarantee that cameras or equipment will be available without a reservation. You can contact us through our online form in order to make a reservation request.

Looking to Partner with the InnovationSpace?

We are always looking for ways that we can help improve teaching and learning outcomes through technology. If you have a new idea, or would like some assistance in implementing technology in your classroom, please feel free to contact us.