iLearn Workshops

What is iLearn?

New Media Courses for students by students.

iLearn is a collection of free workshops created and organized by students at the InnovationSpace to help other students learn skills and software for using digital media. Learn how to edit video, edit photos, create graphics, edit audio, use lighting, video, and audio equipment, make DVDs, and create motion graphics - for free!

How Do I Join?

Spring 2017 classes have been posted!

Our schedule of classes for the Spring semester are below.  To register for a class, click the 'Sign Up' link, and enter your email address.  You will automatically be invited to the Google Calendar event for the relevant course.

iLearn Classes for Fall, 2017

Looking to Partner with the InnovationSpace?

We are always looking for ways that we can help improve teaching and learning outcomes through technology. If you have a new idea, or would like some assistance in implementing technology in your classroom, please feel free to contact us.